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19 May 2011

Skinny Jeans and Saltines

Now it may or may not be because of my current stomach bug but I am proud to announce that my skinny jeans, or what we ladies call jeggings, are now baggy jeans. While I would normally be a little sad about this (hey, I JUST bought them) I'm a little more giddy than normal. This is me compensating for all the crappy feelings I've been trudging through for the last two days.

Goodbye =[

Did I mention that I bought them for under $7 at Target?

But seriously, with the exception of breakfast, all I ate was two servings of saltines and a sugar free chocolate pudding mousse. Or is it mousse pudding? Whatever. That pudding is extremely tasty with Cool Whip on top. You know what's best about it is the no-crazy-blood-sugar-spike deal that comes with most treats. When chocolate is the topic I could go on and on.

Hello Lovelies <3

Cross training was in order today but I was side tracked by the husband having a meeting at 1pm, the usual time I head out the door for the gym. So I drove to Sally's and picked up a couple of new nail polishes. Eh, I guess I should have checked the reviews on Makeup Alley for one of them but it was on clearance so no love lost. Now my house smells and I'm sitting wishing that I was at the gym. I have an old skool school step under my bed, maybe I should dust that thing off.

I actually can't knock this thing- it helped me lose 35lbs before so I could conceive child #1!

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