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19 May 2011

The 80s are back!

Sweaty Stepper!
Yeah it was totally worth it digging out my old step! I did five minute chunks with different weight lifting moves in between and I am feeling it. Seriously though, I don't know what got my heart rate up higher, the exercise or child #2 crying himself to sleep. Night time is mommy time and don't forget it!

Just kidding!

I know I don't have many readers yet but I'm going to go ahead and ask:
What's your favorite cross training exercise?


  1. Hi there! I'm sort of a new runner myself and did my first two 5Ks this year. 8K should be my next! Running is so challenging but I'm really enjoying it! I'm slowly working in strength DVDs to build my muscles.

    Have a good day!

  2. I get so bored with the elliptical and bike... Zumba is my favorite! and congrats on your SKINNY jeans becoming your BAGGY jeans! :)