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15 May 2011

Do it in the Bush 5k Recap and Throw up

Yes, I said throw up but let me recap the race before you jump to conclusions.

I was a little embarassed telling people about the race I was running!
  First off, I woke up way too early. I know the park well where it was held and thought the parking situation would be nutty so I arrived an hour before the start and ended up sitting all by my lonesome for a good while. A lot of the people arriving were hitting the park for an easy run before the race started so I did an easy ten minute jog to get the blood pumping. Including the race, I must have completed four miles yesterday. Thats the most mileage I've ever covered.

I'm not going to lie, everyone seems to know each other at events like these so it was a little disheartening to be by myself but once the race started all I could think about was finishing. The first mile was uneventful except for a lady who brought her dog who was already having to stop to bag up her dog poo and I felt that I was moving a little too fast but when I saw the clock/timer at the first mile I was glad to see that my mile was getting faster and that lifted my spirits as we turned into the shade of the trees.

After passing the one mile marker I found myself behind a mother/son duo on the narrow trail. I don't know what was more aggravating, not being able to pass them or the mother constantly bitching out her wheezing son. If my kids were that age and running with me I would have left them in my dust told them I'd meet them at the finish. Eventually I passed them and was moving steadily again.

I knew it was going to be a good day- I got good numbers!
 My usual running routine consists of lots of trails so I felt pretty comfortable dodging roots and rocks and the like. Mile marker two brought us out of the woods and gave us a water station and I couldn't bring myself to toss my cup so I tucked in my sports bra as I ran back into the woods. Instantly the trail went up and my legs felt weak just by looking at what was ahead. I took many walking breaks, mostly to deal with my burning quads and my desire to not fall into the nastiest stream I've ever seen. I played catch up with the lady in front of me nearly the entire time we were in there but eventually I moved passed her and stayed in front for a while. This same lady caught up to me in the last wooded part and breathed that she was staying with me because of my good pace. She should have been there when I was sprinting towards the finish line only to be passed by two speed walkers. Sigh. I'm very happy with my time so I'm just going to sit back and take it.

It was not a lucky day for son #1 though who was so upset that we were vacuuming the ceiling he threw up all over his bed. A minor curveball in my day but nothing we couldn't deal with. Unfortunately he wasn't done and at midnight he was calling for help with more mess in his bed. Ahhh kids...

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